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NBA announces two incorrect calls made in the final minutes of Game 2

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

In the crucial moments of Game 2, several moments stick out, Deron Williams' missed jumper being one of them. Another major call that altered the game was a foul called on Joe Johnson that was both a questionable call and a late call. Officials missed calls on both of those plays.

With games that are within five points, the NBA releases a report for the final two minutes, and there were two missed (or incorrect) calls made down the stretch of the game Wednesday night. As Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes,

Joe Johnson should not have been called for a shooting foul on Paul Millsap with 28.6 seconds remaining. The report states that Johnson had a hand on Millsap’s back with a bent elbow. Millsap made one of two free throws to give the Hawks a 93-91 lead.

* Brook Lopez should have been called for a three-second violation on the ensuing possession with 13 seconds remaining. Deron Williams ended up missing a 16-foot jump shot with 10.9 seconds remaining. Kyle Korver got the rebound and was fouled, making two free throws to give the Hawks a 95-91 lead

So, the Nets could've had the ball down one with less than 30 seconds instead of being down two. The strategy, a Joe Johnson isolation, might very well have been the play drawn up by Lionel Hollins, but every point matters. However, that Williams jumper that went off the rim shouldn't have even counted, with Brook Lopez in the paint too long.

Vivlamore provided more details to other plays, less important, but still changed the game down the stretch.

The report also contained two correct non-calls and two correct calls. Al Horford legally guarded Lopez cutting through the lane with 1:28 remaining. Millsap set a legal screen on Jarrett Jack allowing the DeMarre Carroll layup with 59 seconds left. The foul calls on Williams against Korver with 8.1 seconds left and Lopez against Bazemore with 1.6 seconds left were correct.

The loss still hurts, but now there is some more clarity to a chaotic end to Game 2.