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Lionel Hollins on Kyle Korver: 'He's a great shooter. But...'

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Korver, arguably one of great shooters in the history of the NBA, and no doubt one of the top 2 shooters in the game today, scored 21 points on 5-of-11 shooting from three, in a winning effort over the Brooklyn Nets in Game One. Still, Nets' head coach Lionel Hollins doesn't seem all that concerned with scheming on Korver, at least not in a singular sense.

Asked on Monday what he's expected to do to adjust to Korver in Game 2, Hollins was pretty direct, as Stefan Bondy reports.

"How many shots did he take yesterday and how many did he miss? See, if he’s that good, he’d make all of them." Hollins said. "Everybody misses, man. He’s a good shooter, I acknowledge that, we acknowledge that as a team, we game plan for him because he is a great shooter. But until he starts shooting 100%, we’ve got to play and be in position to help, and then recover, and close out.

"It’s not like we’re talking (Stephen) Curry. Korver, he’s a great come-off-the-screen guy, he’s great with moving without the ball, but he rarely puts the ball on the floor like Curry and shakes you up."

True, he's not Stephen Curry, who broke the single-season record for threes this year hitting 286 in the regular season and can kill you in many, many ways, other than just shooting threes. Still, Korver is no slouch either, making 221 attempts in the regular season and connecting on 49.2% of those, and offering the Hawks offense different looks on offense based on his efficiency and the defense's need to keep a hand in his face at all times.

Hollins' point makes sense, however, in that, yes, he's no Curry, but he's also not the singular reason they Nets lost in Game 1.

"Korver’s had games of 9 points against us, 10 points (during the regular season). There was one game he got some extra shots, but he — we’ve got to play. It’s not just Korver," Hollins said. "They scored 99 points (on Sunday). And we can take away 10 points from our turnover points that we gave them, you know, we win the game. I mean, simple as that."

The Nets, who turned the ball over 17 times in Game One, will try and steal a road win on Wednesday against the Hawks.