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Lionel Hollins: "We're going to try to get Brook more shots"

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

After the Nets lost in Game 1, and both pundits and fans wondered why Brook Lopez took only, seven shots (making six), there was a lot of talk about feeding the beast in Game 2.

"We're going to try to get Brook more shots, but that's the game of cat-and-mouse," Lionel Hollins said after a three-hour long practice and video session. But he said little else and was, as Stefan Bondy put it, "understandably coy" about details. Both Deron Williams and Joe Johnson admitted they need to do better.

Following the Nets 99-92 loss, there was a lot of second guessing, led by Isiah Thomas and Rick Fox.

"Their reluctance to throw the ball inside baffles me," Thomas said. "As a big man playing for the Brooklyn Nets, I would be so upset with the guards. The big man should go into the locker room and there should be a fight with the little guard. He should grab that little guard and throw him up on the floor and say, 'Next time, when I'm open, throw me the ball in the paint.'"

It's not in Lopez's nature to throw things or people, but the stats (and they're not even deep stats) show how effective the Nets are when Lopez gets 20 or more shots. Since the all-Star break, as our Anthony Puccio points out, the Nets are 7-0 with wins over the likes of Washington, Portland, Toronto, Milwaukee and Golden State.

Lopez, in fact, gave the best description of the Nets strategy.

"We game-planned against the way they'd adjust to our pick-and-roll offense, so we were meaning to swing the ball and get it away from where they were clogging the lane," he said.

It's possible that the Nets could have a real opportunity if they do feed Lopez.  Al Horford, who injured his pinkie, may not play Wednesday. At least what he says now, suggesting there's "some question" as to whether or not he’ll able to play with the right pinkie finger.  The Nets, however, weren't taking the bait.  "You’re trying to trick me right now," Lopez said.

The Nets could have some reinforcements Wednesday.  It's possible, if not likely, that Mirza Teletovic, could return. He practiced again Monday and according to those who saw the end of the session, looked good.