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Bigger roles for Mirza Teletovic and Bojan Bogdanovic?

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

The Nets could have used a three point specialist vs. Atlanta Sunday, someone like Mirza Teletovic or the Bojan Bogdanovic who shot the Nets into the playoffs last Wednesday.

Well, help may be on the way.

Teletovic, whose status was upgraded on Friday, traveled with the team to Atlanta Saturday, but was declared "out" of Sunday's game. No one is saying when --or even if-- the 6'9" sharpshooter will return, but Lionel Hollins indicated that the remaining issue is about getting into game shape.

"The guy's been off for three months," the coach said. "He's had two practices. You can't expect a guy to come out and play."

The Nets practice twice before Game 2 Wednesday night, both in Atlanta. Teletovic hasn't played since January 22, when multiple blood clots were discovered. Then, last week, in a big surprise, he was cleared to play by the Nets team doctors.

Meanwhile, Hollins hinted strongly that when the Nets next take the floor, the Eastern Conference rookie of the month for April may be starting. The Nets need his scoring.

"Bogey is really the starter," Hollins told beat writers. "And Markel, I play him to get some experience and some minutes. And usually, if he's playing better, he gets to play in the second half. If he's not, then I stick with the guy who's the starter. It's not rocket science. Markel may not get to start again if we go into the meeting Monday and decide we want to go in a different direction from the start because Alan is back now."