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Lionel Hollins on Paul Pierce's comments: "I wasn't here. I don't care"

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

BROOKLYN -- Days after the Nets faded in the two biggest games of their year, Paul Pierce ripped Deron Williams and the Brooklyn Nets. Pierce said the experience of playing for Brooklyn was "horrible" and that he didn't want to return because "he didn't like the situation". The biggest jab was targeted at Deron Williams when Pierce cited that Williams couldn't handle the pressure of playing in a big market like New York.

The comments came days after two potential season-ending losses to the Bucks and Bulls, and one day before their last game against the Magic. The comments come at a very coincidental time. A time that may cause distractions for the Nets before the matchup with Orlando to possibly win the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference.

Lionel Hollins didn't seem to care much about the comments, though.

"I don't really care," Hollins said prior to Nets-Magic tip-off. "I wasn't here. I don't care. All I can go by is how we are this year, and as I've said many many times, the vocal leader of our team early on was (Kevin Garnett), and since he's left it's been more of a collective."

Hollins of course wasn't the coach of the team last year so he really had nothing to say about last years Nets team. However, he did say his experience "has been good" and that "Paul Pierce is entitled to his own opinion".

"I don't get into that kind of stuff. Players say stuff all the time. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn't. But they're entitled to it."


On whether he talked to anybody from Memphis:

"I haven't talked to anybody," Hollins said. "If Memphis goes out and plays their guys - and wins, then they help us. If they play their guys and lose, I'm not gonna call anybody to do me a favor."

"There is irony in the situation."

Oh yes it is, Lionel. Yes it is.