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For Deron Williams, April is about winning ... and autism awareness

Autism Speaks

Deron Williams' night at Barclays Center didn't end after the Nets beat the Wizards by 37.  Out of the spotlight, D-Will met with dozens of families of autistic children who had watched the game --and their hero. The families got their picture taken with Deron and his wife, Amy, as well as autographs and a gift.

D-WIll, who wore blue sneakers during the game in honor of autism awareness, arranged for all the families to sit in donated suites. That way, their children weren't subjected to the loud noises and general ruckus in the stands. It's the second straight year he's done this in coordination with Autism Speaks.  It was also his second time in a week where he and Amy, had been the lead players in an Autism Speaks event. On April 2, he and his son, D.J., pulled the lever that lit the Empire State Building's tower in blue. D.J., D-Williams adopted son, has been diagnosed with autism.

"This is far more rewarding than just playing basketball," Amy said of her husband recently, . "The best part of being who he is, is the impact and difference he can make."