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Doc Rivers knew Kevin Garnett's only way out of Brooklyn was via trade

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Doc Rivers acknowledges that he wanted Kevin Garnett for a season-ending turn in L.A., but he knew he had nothing to appeal to the Nets and that Brooklyn was not going to buy him out.  So the trade of KG for Thaddeus Young didn't surprise him.

"I didn’t think they’d ever do a buyout there," said Rivers, whose Clippers team meets Garnett and the Wolves on Monday in Los Angeles. "They’re actually in a playoff race. When I read or heard that we were going to get him, I kept thinking that made no sense to me. The only way I thought it’d happen is if they really blew up their team and at the end of the day, they didn’t."

Garnett has said the deal that sent him from the Nets to the Timberwolves was the only one he would have approved. He needed to waive his no-trade clause for the deal to go through.

A league source tells NetsDaily that the Timberwolves had approached the Nets "months before the trade deadline" but things didn't get serious until the Monday before the deadline. And said the league source, the critical document, the waiver of his no-trade clause, didn't arrive in league offices until 2:54 p.m., six minutes before the deadline. KG had trouble with his fax machine!