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So could the Nets have traded Jack for a pick? It's complicated.

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Poor Jarrett Jack. Guy hits a game winner vs. the best team in the league and a week after the trade deadline, his name is still being bandied about in rumors!

it started on Joe and Evan, when Adrian Wojnarowski was talking about the Nets improved play and their playoff chances.

"They want to make the playoffs. They could ahve off-loaded jack to Washington in a deal that could have included a first round pick.  But they stayed with Jack. They wanted to make the playoffs and yeah, they do have a chance to do that."

Lets rewind that, says Evan. What kind of pick?  So Woj provides a few more details.

"I don't know protections. But they could have had one. They were talking with Washington at the time of the trade deadline. I think if the Brook Lopez deal had gone down. then i think it would have been more likely because remember they would have brought Reggie Jackson back. So they would have moved Jack out. Obviously, you can't move Williams out. But they want to make the playoffs.  That's ownership's mandate: they want to be in the playoffs. SO that's what you do if you're in management."

Want to know more? Chad Zach Lowe has some details, too, some the same as Woj, others different.

So, it would seem that at some point, the Nets were willing to trade Jarrett Jack to the Wizards for Martell Webster and a swap of first round picks, but only IF the Brook Lopez for Reggie Jackson deal went down. Is that right?  Who knows?  Nets aren't saying. Why should they?  Deal didn't go down. Why upset your players?

For the record, Webster, who's averaging three points per game, is owed $11 million over this year and next, with a $2.5 million. guarantee in 2016-17. Jack, who's averaging 12.4 points per game, is owned $12.t million overt this year and next, with only $500,000 guaranteed in 2016-17.  Meh.