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On Wednesday, let's honor Jeffrey Gamblero

We are working with The Brooklyn Game to show our support and honor Jeffrey Gamblero on Wednesday night.

The Brooklyn Brigade

By now, you know the tragic story of Jeffrey Vanchiro (better known as Jeffrey Gamblero), the "Super Nets Fan" who passed away shortly after an altercation at Madison Square Garden during the game between the Nets & Knicks on December 2nd.

Jeffrey was known for his signature style: his glasses, his neon shirt, his Nets jersey, and most importantly, his relentless exuberance. He was also a friend of ours, someone who knew how to celebrate and cheer as a fan.

So on April 1st — the last game between the Nets & Knicks of the season, and the first at Madison Square Garden since the incident — we want to honor Jeffrey's spirit:

-- If you're going to MSG, we encourage you to do it in Jeffrey's style: wear a neon undershirt, a Nets jersey, glasses, and/or a beard if you've got one. Post photos & statuses of you in your getup on Twitter & Instagram using the hashtag #BK4Jeff & tag us in it. We'll retweet and curate the photos.

-- More importantly, channel the spirit that made Jeffrey unique, sharing the happiness he brought at games. Dance in the aisles during breaks. Cheer when the Nets score. Enjoy yourself from the opening tip to the final buzzer. Be seen and heard. Be proud.

--Do not get belligerent or argumentative with other fans — that's not the spirit Jeffrey brought to games, and confronting other fans goes directly against the person he was. This is about celebration, not confrontation.

-- If you're not going to the game, we encourage you to change your Twitter avatar to Jeffrey's signature neon color for the night in support.

April 1st should be a fun game -- the Nets are fighting for a playoff spot and the Knicks have spiraled to the bottom of the Eastern Conference. Let's keep the upbeat spirit rolling, with the spirit of a friend who was all about positivity.

This is cross-posted on The Brooklyn Game.