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For Brooklyn Nets, a return home ... or not

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Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The crowd was, truth be told, more Warrior than Net.  There were chants of "MVP" when Stephen Curry, a legitimate MVP candidate stepped to the line and arena-shaking explosions when he made everyone realize what all the fuss is about.

"I kind of forgot where I was for a second," said Curry of the crowd's reaction, perhaps the biggest for any opponent other than the Knicks since Barclays Center opened three years ago. There were valiant attempts by Nets fans to drown it all about, but when Curry hit three straight three's late in the fourth, it was futile.  They were sure they were going to win. As Tim Bontemps wrote it sounded more like the Golden Gate Bridge than the Brooklyn Bridge.

But at the end, as Lionel Hollins said, the biggest, loudest cheer of the night was for a Net, Jarrett Jack.

"There were a lot of roaring when (the Warriors) were coming back," he said. "But the loudest roar was for Jarrett at the end."

"We can send all of those Golden State fans home that came to watch here in Brooklyn tonight," Hollins added. "That’s what I told the team. We have to excite our crowd and get them to be Brooklyn Nets fans and not just opposing team fans.

"This is definitely the start. When you win games like this, people take notice. They keep coming back, and eventually they start rooting for you versus the other team."

Part of it is New York, where more than half the city's population was born somewhere else. Sports loyalties don't translate so easily.  Part of it is the resale phenomenon, where season ticket holders, a bit tired of subpar performances, put their tickets online.  And part of it is pure bandwagon.  The Warriors have the best record and probably the most exciting team in the NBA.

Whatever it was, the presence of so much blue and gold made it seem like another game on the longest road trip in team history.  Still, Hollins is right.  You win, you win dramatically, things will change. If you rebuild it, they will come.