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Sergey Karasev will be on crutches for a while ... but not six months

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Sergey Karasev is starting rehab from his torn MCL and dislocated kneecap. Early this week, Robbins tweeted.

It would seem that that would mean Karasev won't be off crutches until September, just weeks before NBA training camps open on October 1. BUT a team source now tells us something was lost in translation. Karasev will be off crutches in six WEEKS, not six months.  That's much better!

Karasev is already out of the FIBA Europe tournament.  Last week, Team Russia coach Evgeny Pashutin talked with Russia's "Sport-Express" about the injury. "Of course, this is very sad news. We are all worried about Sergei and wish him to recover quickly. For the national team it is certainly a loss, because Karasev is one of the brightest Russian talents."

The 21-year-old Russian recently posted a video of his first, painful, knee movement on his page.

He hurt his knee in the fourth quarter of the Nets 20-point blowout loss to the Pelicans on March 11 and underwent surgery two days later.