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In the end, Mr. Whammy got his revenge on LeBron

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If there was a subtext to the Nets' big win over the Cavaliers, it was the battle between the King and Mr. Whammy, aka Bruce Reznick.  Mr. Whammy, he of the hexed foul shots, was removed from his traditional spot under the basket by NBA security.  As he told writers, it was all about LeBron James. Nets writers tweeted out his angry complaints in real time, and then at the end, his personal vindication...

"You don't mess with the Whammy."

Near the end of the game, Mr. Whammy knew he and the Nets had won.

Here's how Mitch Abramson described the season after talking to Mr. Whammy...

The diminutive superfan said that James and the Cavs had security move him from his perch a couple feet behind the basket stanchion after James missed a free throw with 10:06 left in the first quarter as he tried to complete a three-point play.

At first Reznick said he was told by NBA security to move. Then he was told by Barclays’ security to move. Finally, Mr. Whammy was asked by Nets CEO Brett Yormark to move away midway through the second quarter, he said.

"He said, ‘Do me a favor, please move back so that NBA security doesn’t throw you out,’ " Reznick said at the half. "LeBron is a crybaby. I know it was him that asked the security to make me move. He doesn’t like that I make him miss. He thinks he’s more powerful than anyone in the NBA."

An official from NBA security at the game confirmed that the Cavaliers complained about Mr. Whammy’s presence so close to the court and asked that he go back to his seat.

For shame, King, for shame.

But in the end, James appears to be on to something. The ghostly figure of Mr. Whammy staring and and jabbing and hexing may have an effect!!

Well, duh!

Alas, not everyone is enamored of Mr. Whammy. Matt Moore of CBS referred  to him as a "heckler," "mean jerk," "crazy person" and "troll."   However, after being hammered by Nets fans --and Irina Pavlova, Moore recanted, calling his original article "harsh" and rewrote it.  In the latest version, Whammy is no longer a "mean jerk" or a "troll" but is still a "heckler" and "crazy person."