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ESPN Panel: Deron Williams 20th best PG; Jarrett Jack 28th

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Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

You want another depressing survey from ESPN? Well, we got one for you!  The worldwide leader ranks the top 30 point guards in the NBA and although the Nets have two of the top 30, neither is ranked higher than No. 20.

ESPN describes its panel for the poll this way: "25 NBA folks -- a combination of executives, coaches and players -- to rank the point guards in the NBA from 1 to 30. The results of that poll are below, along with a sampling of thoughts from those who answered our survey (italics added)."  So we don't know how many (or who) among the 25 answered!

Here are what anonymous executives said of the two.

Deron Williams, No. 20...

"To be honest, I'm not sure how he's even this high on the list. He's been pretty bad the last few years. He's slow, can't get by anyone -- and can't guard anyone on the other end of the floor. He's not even the best point guard on his own team right now." -- NBA executive

Among those ranked behind D-Will are Brandon Jennings, George Hill and Darren Collison, who was reportedly included in a Kings trade package for Williams early in the season.  Reggie Jackson is ranked just ahead of him.

Jarrett Jack, No. 28...

"Tough, pick-and-roll scorer and not scared. Can have some really good games. He has nights where he fights with the top point guards. He just can't do it every night." -- NBA executive

Only Mo Williams and Trey Burke ranked below Jack.

  • Survey: NBA's top 30 point guards - Jeff Goodman - ESPN