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Video: Nets can't explain their home woes after loss to the Celtics

On Monday night the Brooklyn Nets lost in a key matchup against the Boston Celtics, 110-91. It was a poor shooting performance by the Nets, who continue to struggle at home. They enter Tuesday with a 12-20 home record. And now that they're chasing the final playoff spot, losing tiebreakers to the Celtics and the Miami Heat, they have nine home games remaining.

The problem is, no one seems to know why it is that the Nets are struggling at home. Or, at least, they aren't willing to share their thoughts.

Our Dexter Henry was on had for Monday night's tough loss and was able to capture the sights and sounds of a somber Nets team that is now on the outside looking in and facing a tough climb to get back into the playoffs.

Brooklyn plays a key road game on Wednesday night against the Charlotte Hornets who are also in the hunt in the East.