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Video: A Bojan Bogdanovic made shot or a jump ball?

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Here's one we can probably file under "never seen this before." In the second quarter of Monday's game between the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics, Bojan Bogdanovic drove to the basket where hey was met at the rim by Kelly Olynyk.

Bogdanovic was initially denied by Olynyk, where a whistle was blown by the referee. Bogdanovic, however, made the basket on the continuation and turned to look for the and-one call. However, the referee called it a jump ball. Yes, a jump ball on a made basket.


Live, yes, it did look like a possible foul, but definitely a made basket. During the replay, however, as Ian Eagle noted after the timeout, Bogdanovic's foot appears to be on the floor when the referee blew the whistle. Thus, calling it a jump ball.

It was close -- very, very close. But Eagle and the YES Broadcast conceded that Bogdanovic's foot was on the ground and the call was correct.

Boy was it close, though.