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Patrick McDarby, designer of New Jersey Nets logo, dead at 57

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Brooklyn Nets

The man who designed the Nets last New Jersey logo, the red, white, blue and grey shield ringed by a hoop, has died. Patrick McDarby, 57, died last weekend in Connecticut.

McDarby was a prolific designer of sports and other logos, including for NBA, NHL and NFL teams. His Nets logo was introduced in 1997 and was the team's mainstay through 2012 when the team moved to Brooklyn and changed to Timothy P. Morris' black-and-white motif. It was the team logo during the franchise's best --and worst-- times.

The New York Times' Margalit Fox wrote of McDarby... "Over the years, Mr. McDarby designed more than 200 logos. For each, he received a flat fee, no royalties and, by the nature of his craft, little public recognition."

Among the other teams that McDarby designed for: the Washington Wizards, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Rangers and New York Islanders at one point or another.