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Brook Lopez going full Disney, building house on DisneyWorld property

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Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Brook Lopez and his brother, Robin, have long had lifetime passes to the Disney parks, but now, the Nets center is going one better: he's building a house in Disney World.  As Stefan Bondy writes Wednesday, this will be no summer home. It's going to cost millions.

"My older brother Chris sent me a link when the property development was first announced three or four years ago now," Lopez told Bondy. "We joked about doing it. As it got more real and real, I just decided I wanted to do it."

The house is being built in Golden Oak, a Disney project on the resort property.  It's described as having "references to European and Caribbean styles" which "celebrates the timelessness of Old Florida architecture while being attuned to contemporary resort living"

Prices start at $1.8 million with some costing $7 million.

"It’s just my place," said Lopez, who will earn almost $16 million this season and has lived with brother Chris while playing for the Nets. "Obviously it’s cheaper down there to build a bigger house (than in New York)."