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Where the Nets stand: Chasing the pack

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

A week ago, we noted here that the Nets chances of making the playoffs were "tough." Well, a week later, the Nets are even further away from the seventh and eight seeds in the East and they are working against the clock. Brooklyn stands three games out of eighth, and three-and-a-half out of seventh.

With less than a month remaining in the season now, the Nets odds of making the playoffs are slim. Both Hollinger's Playoff Odds and give the team an eight-percent chance of making the postseason. That means there's a 92 percent chance they won't!  The Nets simply may run out of time to make a run. Fourteen of the team's remaining 18 games are against playoff contending teams, giving them the fourth most difficult schedule amongst Eastern Conference teams, according to It's worth noting that two teams jockeying for position with them, the Pacers and Heat, have more difficult schedules.

Brooklyn has backed themselves into a corner here. They trail Indiana, Charlotte, Miami, and Boston in that order, all of whom are playing arguably their best basketball of the season. Things are looking up for those teams and things are looking the polar opposite for the Nets, who are down to 12 healthy bodies now that Mirza Teletovic and Sergey Karasev are out for the season.

The way the Nets get back into the thick of things? Beat the teams in front of them. This week they have two opportunities to do so, Saturday against the Pacers and a week from today against the Celtics. The former is on the road, the latter is at the Barclays Center (even though the team has played better on the road).

This is Brooklyn's last chance at making a postseason run, and it is a small chance. But as Jim Carrey might say, "So you're telling me there might be a chance?!"