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Thaddeus Young says he wants to remain a Net

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Here's some good news.  On the night of his best game (so far) as a Net, Thaddeus Young said he wants to stay with Brooklyn.

"It’s one of those things where they want me for the future, they want to keep me around," Young told reporters before he scored 21 points and grabbed nine rebounds. "It’s a mutual feeling."

Young has an interesting choice this summer.  He could opt out of his player option and go for a longer term contract with the Nets or another team. Or he could play out the final year of  his $10 million contract, then go for the bigger free agent deal in 2016, when the new TV deal will dramatically increase the salary cap.

The 26-year-old Young said he hasn't decided whether he will opt out, as Andy Vasquez writes.

"I’m not a free agent until I decide to pick up my option or not pick up my option. So it could be exciting or it could just be one of those slow summers. I’m not really looking at that right now, I’m just trying to continue to play this season, try to make the playoffs with this team and win games."

He added that he expects his game to get better.  "I'm still trying to get a feel for some of the guys on this team."