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Hollins: Nets play more as a team when on the road

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Nets worse at home because they're playing to the crowd --as individuals-- at Barclays Center? Conversely, do they bond better on the road?  That's what Lionel Hollins appeared to be saying when he spoke with season tickets Thursday.

"At home we tend to be more individualistic and we try to play to the crowd and we don’t make the same sacrifices as we do on the road. If I had an answer for that I certainly would correct it pronto," said Holllins. "I think with our group, we just tend to be more relaxed, more focused, more together when we’re on the road.  Even when we lose we’ve played really good ballgames on the road."

At least according to an account of the talk on the Nets website, Hollins didn't explain further.  The Nets are 11-19 at home and didn't win a home game at Barclays Center for a month at the beginning of the year.

Hollins and Billy King spoke via a conference call with Brooklyn Chant members --a group of season ticket holders-- Thursday and talked about the team's issues both this season and in the future.  They agreed that the team needs to get younger, more athletic ... and more consistent.

"We’re going to explore every option to continue to add some athleticism so we can be a better defensive team, become a more athletic team, so we can get out and run," said King. "That’s the plan. We’ll look and explore every option. There will be no stone unturned as we go forward.

"I think it could turn around really quickly," he added.

The two men said as well that they feel the fans' pain. "The pain that you feel, we feel," King said. "So don’t think we take it lightly."