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Masai Ujiri once again offers his greetings to Brooklyn

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

We guess "F--- Washington!" would be too politically incorrect for a Canadian.

So Masai Ujiri, the Raptors GM, said Monday that given the opportunity to greet the Nets with an obscenity, he would be happy to do so. Last year, of course, Ujiri ended a Raptors playoff rally with a notorious "F--- Brooklyn"

"Trust me, I ain't taking that back," Ujiri said Monday night at the Canadian Interuniversity Sport's Canadian Basketball Speakers forum. "I hope we play them again. I'll say it again."

Well, as everyone outside Ontario knows, the obscenity didn't work. Moreover, he had to apologize.  The Raptors choked -- c-h-o-k-e-d -- in the first round, losing in the seventh game on a Paul Pierce block of Kyle Lowry after being up 3-2.  Now, the Raps are doing the same thing in the regular season, having lost eight of their last nine.

The chances of the Raptors and Nets meeting in the playoffs --at least the first round-- are nil. The Nets are two and a half out of the eighth spot and the right to face the surging Hawks. The Raptors, as of now, are likely to face the Wizards of Washington.  A "F--- Washington" rallying cry might create an international incident.

So what's the point?  We don't know, unless he's hoping to get fans to forget the team's late season collapse. Whatever.