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Say it ain't so! Jay-Z and Bey moving to LA?!

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

TMZ is reporting that the Nets most celebrtated fan --and former owner-- Jay-Z and the missus, aka Beyonce', may be moving to Los Angeles.  It's like losing the Dodgers all over again!!  Who will welcome the next set of royals?!

The spicy gossip show/site reports that Brooklyn's Finest has already enrolled their daughter in a toney pre-school costing $15,000 per.  There may still be hope.  They haven't actually bought a house yet.

What will that mean for those pricey courtside seats next to the Nets bench?  Who knows, but Jay and Bey have been seen at two Clippers' games recently, one the L.A. beatdown of the Nets.

Jay-Z, who grew up in the nearby Marcy Houses, was one of the early investors in the team and arena and opened Barclays Center in 2012 with a run of eight memorable shows.

Do we understand? Well, looking outside at 20 degree weather and a lot of white stuff, yes.