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Byron Scott - Jason Kidd feud erupts again ... 11 years later

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

It's been 11 years since Jason Kidd --and Lawrence Frank-- engineered a coup in New Jersey, ousting Byron Scott as head coach of the reigning Eastern Conference champion Nets.  Kidd and a lot of the Nets players and staff thought Scott wasn't prepared or preparing them well.

Now, in 2015, Kidd and Scott are reliving their feud and its' ug-ly.

Scott did not mince words in an interview with the Orange County Register.  Before Bucks-Lakers game Wednesday --a game which the Bucks won, Scott was asked about his experience coaching Kidd. The reporter, Bill Oram, called Kidd  a "unique personality."

According to Oram, Scott thought there was a better way to describe the future Hall of Famer: "He was kind of known as an [a–hole]," he told Oram.

He went on.  Asked to describe their relationship, Scott called it "cordial. And that’s about as good as it’s going to get, too. I respect him as a basketball player and now as a coach but other than that, we’re not going to be swapping spit and having dinner and playing golf and all that stuff together."

Kidd, approached by the press, was his typical taciturn self. "I was just a player," Kidd said, employing what Oram called the "little-old-me?" defense. "I didn’t have rights of firing or hiring."

Kidd, of course, is doing well this season. Scott not so much. Lawrence Frank? Well, you know that story, too.