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Deron Williams ... and Riley Williams ... talk about ankles and things.

It's an interesting testimonial. Deron Williams talks about the great care he gets whenever he goes to the Hospital of Special Surgery, which he admits he has visited often since being traded to the Nets. HSS, which is the Nets official hospital --and sponsor of the Nets training facility in Industry City-- posted the video Tuesday on its website.

A lot of what D-will and Dr. Riley Williams III, the Nets medical director, talk about is their personal relationship, which the Nets player praises and notes, "I'm a Williams and he's a Williams."

The medical Williams, who we will call R-Will for the purposes of this story, talks about the reason for D-Will's surgery, which took place last summer.

"Part of it is just the natural wear and tear that will cumulatively occur with an athlete like Deron over time. His game is really predicated on speed and quickness, a lot of lateral movement, acceleration, deceleration, and at a certain point we decided that (it was) probably best to go in and do a little bit of an operative repair on both ankles in order to help him optimize his performance."

His colleague, Dr. Martin O'Malley, the team's foot and ankle specialist, talked about much the same thing and Deron Williams admits he's seen the two doctors more than 100 times since the 2010 trade. D-Will has had no problems with his ankles since the surgery.