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Recapping the final minutes of Nets-Clippers

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Things happened Monday night! The Nets, falling out of the playoff picture and having lost two gams they could have (should have?) won, gave a hell of an effort to come from seven points down in the final minute and change to beat the red-hot Los Angeles Clippers at Barclays. Let's break it down.

1:11 left, Clippers 98, Nets 90

This one seems over. DeAndre Jordan just threw down a thunderous put back jam, and the air is out of the building. However, Deron Williams hits a quick pull up three with Chris Paul right in his face to cut the lead to five. There is hope, but it is faint. 65 seconds remain on the clock at this point.

:53 left, Clippers 98, Nets 90

Here's where things start to get weird. Blake Griffin got fouled after the DWill three, and missed both free throws, giving the Nets some life in this one. On the way down the floor, Joe Johnson gets bumped by Matt Barnes and draws a foul. Johnson, a career high 80% free throw shooter, is set to take two and cut the Clippers lead to three. Shockingly, Johnson's misses not one, but two free throws. After missing both, this happens.

Johnson, perhaps out of anger perhaps with divine inspiration, just pulls up from 27 feet and knocks it down. Brooklyn now trails by 2 with less than 50 seconds left. Getting interesting!

:23 left, Clippers 98, Nets 96

A Chris Paul missed jumper (thank you, Alan Anderson!) gets the Nets the ball back (it was a good move). The Nets can tie the game up. A timeout by Lionel Hollins allows him to diagram a play to get a good look, and the ball ends up and Anderson's hands deep in the corner. Anderson pulls up, draws a foul, and hits nothing but net, not only giving the Nets the lead, but also giving them a chance to go up by two. Here's the video if you haven't seen it yet ... or if you still don't believe it.

Anderson calmly hits the free throw and the Nets are up by two! And the crowd goes crazy!

:15 left, Nets 10, Clippers 98

Now a head, a miracle in itself, the Nets are a defensive stop away from stealing one from LA. Then, the Nets defense, uh, collapses.

:08, Nets 100, Clippers 100

The Nets have a shot to win it. As Mike Mazzeo relayed, the play was initially set up for a Joe Johnson flare screen in the corner, but the next option was a "1-5 pick-and-roll," which is also known as a pick-and-roll between Jarrett Jack and Brook Lopez. The rest is history:

:01 left, Nets 102, Clippers 100

The Clippers have one shot to tie it up or win the game, but a botched final play, and good coverage by Brook Lopez, costs them a good look at the rim. The Nets, somehow, someway, win it.

Final: Nets 102, Clippers 100

Over the final 71 seconds, the Nets went on a 12-2 run to win it. For a team struggling like Brooklyn, they needed this one, badly. Hopefully it can sustain.

Then again, it may have been pre-ordained. The Nets always play well at home vs the Clips. As Chris Shearn noted post-game, the Nets haven't lost to LA at home since 2007! We should check but we're still giddy.