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Mirza Teletovic: "I'm not too bad"

Mirza Teletovic

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Mirza Teletovic says that he's "not too bad," but that he must take anti-clotting medication for six months to make sure the blood clots that put him out for the season don't recur. He also says media reports of his condition were "exaggerated."

Teletovic is out for the NBA season after being diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary embolus, or multiple blood clots in the lungs a month ago. He experienced shortness of breath during a Nets-Clippers game on January 22 and left the game. He was initially diagnosed with fatigue but further testing showed the blood clots.

In the interview conducted Wednesday, the 29-year-old would not yet rule out him playing in FIBA Europe next summer. Igor Marinovic, who's written on the Nets' Balkan players in the past, provided the translation.

"It is too early to talk about anything, I will have to wait a while to know that answer," he told the Balkan edition of the Qatari-based network.

"There has been a lot of exaggeration about all this," he added in the hook-up between Brooklyn and Sarajevo, Bosnia's capital.  "Already after three weeks I’ve started to work out on some 70 percent of capacity. I had lung CT screening and they’ve found out my lungs are clean. Practically, all those blood clots vanished in four weeks. Now I’m in process of mandatory taking pills. This process lasts for 6 months, maybe three if everything goes OK."

Teletovic also thanked everyone for their support. "I got great support from his colleagues from the Brooklyn Nets, from Spain, from colleagues in Belgium, where I played, and of the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina", he said