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Installing green roof, ironworker dies at Barclays Center

SHoP Architects

Steel beams fell on a 52-year-old ironworker Tuesday as he helped install Barclays Center’s new green sedum roof, according to a police spokesman. The man's identity had not been disclosed as of Tuesday evening.

Four steel beams crushed the member of Ironworkers Local 361 when they rolled off a truck before being attached to a crane, a spokesman for the NYPD reported. Police and paramedics responded at 1:33 p,m.

"We are all devastated by what happened," said Joe DePlasco, a spokesman for the developer, in a statement. "All of us at Greenland Forest City Ratner Partners and Barclays Center extend our most heartfelt condolences to the worker’s family and friends."

The green roof, similar to that on the roof of the Barclays Center subway station, is intended to beautify the vast expanse of the roof.  Three apartment towers will eventually look down on the roof.  The installation has been troubled by delays and earlier in the season a leak occured over center court during a Nets game, delaying it.