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"Selma" showing part of Nets "Black History Month" celebration

Sean Gardner/Getty Images

It was the result of a brain-storming event on how to honor Black History Month and it was unique.

So, on Saturday morning, the Daily News reports, 500 residents were transported to BAM Rose Cinemas on Lafayette Ave. to see a free screening of "Selma," sponsored by the Brooklyn Nets. All told, the residents were selected from 42 different New York City Housing Authority complexes around Brooklyn. Each of the 500 were given a drink, popcorn and of course a Nets t-shirt.

"I brought 43 kids and 12 parents," says Patricia Lawrence, 34, a member of the Unity Plaza Community Organization from the Coney Island Houses. "We all know how important Rev. King and the civil rights movement were."

It's nothing new for the Nets and Barclays Center to work with the NYCHA. Many of the young people working at the arena come from the NYCHA homes and those residents have been given priority in job recruitment and selection.