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Was Thunder last-minute turnabout a "payback" for Nets?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Mannix, speaking with Doug Gottlieb of CBS Sports, suggests that the Thunder's last minute turnabout on the Reggie Jackson for Brook Lopez trade MAY have been "payback" for the Nets earlier decision not to go along with a three team deal.

"I’ll tell you this, Doug," Mannix said. "There’s a sense in Brooklyn that this is kind of payback on the part of the Thunder. Remember a couple weeks back – or even a month back – there was a deal that the Thunder thought they had for Brook Lopez that would involve Kendrick Perkins and some spare parts? Brooklyn eventually pulled out of that – kind of at the last minute. They were the last remaining piece there in that puzzle. They pulled out."

Rumors at the time had Lance Stephenson and Kendrick Perkins moving to Brooklyn, Brook Lopez to the Thunder and various Nets and Thunder players – including Jarrett Jack and Jeremy Lamb – to the Hornets. In one version, Perry Jones III would have joined the Nets, in another OKC rookie Grant Jerrett. There was also a suggestion that Perkins could be flipped for Thaddeus Young.  The Hornets and Thunder agreed to the deal but the Nets said no.

"There is a sense among some people in Brooklyn that maybe this was the Thunder’s way of sort of sticking it to them – making them think they had a deal and really preventing them form going out there and trying to make another one. Because I think they wanted to make a deal for Lopez before the deadline one way or the other."

The Nets certainly felt the Thunder (screwed) them.

However, in his trade analysis for Sports Illustrated, Mannix suggested it was more likely second thoughts on what the roster might look like after the trade.

"Oklahoma City was never overwhelmed by this deal, for a variety of reasons," Mannix wrote. "For starters, the Thunder felt a one-for-one swap would leave the team extremely thin. And there was plenty of uncertainty about Lopez, who can opt out of his contract this summer and become an unrestricted free agent. So OKC started looking harder at other options."