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Bigger role for Markel Brown in second half ... after first dunk

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Every Nets fan can recite Markel Brown's max vertical --43.5", as measured at the NBA Draft Combine, but until Friday night, he hadn't recorded his first NBA dunk.  With nine minutes to go in the second, the drought ended, when Deron Williams tapped an errant Laker pass ahead to the rookie who gave it to his newest teammate. In a classic give-and-go with flair, Thaddeus Young sent the ball toward the rim and the waiting hands of Brown.


Now, after scoring a season-high nine points in 15 minutes. it appears that the 6'4" Oklahoma State product may get more time in the second half of the season.  Lionel Hollins said as much post-game.

"I like Markel," said Hollins in response to a question from Tim Bontemps on Brown's minutes.  "He's been playing extremely well in practice lately and I wanted to give him a chance to go out there.. I think he and Darius together were good.  Darius was good controlling the ball up the court and then we get it to Markel and Markel plays in the pick and roll and he attacks, made some plays and he finished.

"I like Markel and I'm happy the opportunity is there for him."

Billy King also cited Brown when talking pre-game about his strategy for replenishing lost picks. "The goal is bring in guys to replace those picks, like Cory (Jefferson), Markel."

Now, with Bojan Bogdanovic and Jarrett Jack unlikely for Monday's game vs. Denver, that opportunity should grow into more minutes.

The Nets will to make a decision on Brown at season's end. He has a series of options. He gets $100,000 if still on the roster July 1, $150,000 if he's still around on August first, rising to $200,000 on September 1, then fully guaranteed the day before training camp begins.