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Reggie Jackson asks to be traded, Chad Ford thinks Brooklyn is 'a possibility'

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Ford of ESPN answered a question on Wednesday in his NBA Trade Deadline chat about Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Reggie Jackson, who reportedly asked to be traded. In it, he noted that the Brooklyn Nets are a "real possibility" for Jackson to land.

While it makes basketball sense, there doesn't seem to be much fire there. The Nets and Thunder have reportedly had conversations in the past, surrounding Brook Lopez and other pieces, but Jackson's name never really came up in those conversations, as reported.

Here's what Ford had to say in his chat:

If he gets traded now, his Bird Rights go with him and he sign a bigger deal than trying to do so via Restricted Free Agency. So in this case, as long as the team trading for him is offering him a starting job and is willing to pay him this summer -- yeah, he wants to go now. And the Thunder have a much better chance of getting a good asset back in return if they trade him now. So I'd be surprised if he wasn't trade by Thursday. As for destinations? Brooklyn looks like a real possibility. I also think the Bucks could be a really good fit for him (and would allow them to move Brandon Knight off the ball where I think he's better suited). I think the Pacers have a lot of interest as well.

Pouring a little water on Ford's smoke was his colleague, Chris Broussard who said:

Then, Woj, with details, doused  it with details on Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno....

"The one tradeable big money player they have is Brook Lopez and the Nets were very aggressive three weeks ago and they really backed off of that. I know teams have checked in but I  know nothing that's come across yet in talking to my sources that feels like it's doable for them.

"Oklahoma City, they were fairly well along down back a few weeks ago and those two teams have not reconnected yet on that, as of this morning. That can always change, closer to deadline. I think Oklahoma City is going to be active out there.

"The problem for the Nets is that they got Deron Williams on the books for another two years at max money and you're going to have to pay Reggie Jackson, if you were going to trade for him and then resign him. n That may be more money than they are willing to commit at that position based on the fact that they can't move Deron WIlliams.  I think they'll have to bring another point guard in here. I dont know if they're going to be able to do it at a price as significant as what Reggie Jackon will command on the market."

Chris Mannix did the same...

Again, there isn't much here other than Ford saying it's a "possibility," but it might mean that the Nets and Thunder are talking, again, just not sure Jackson's name is in those conversations.