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Nets trade rumor update: Nothing imminent, nothing new ... so far

Dmitry Beliakov

It all boils down to ... nothing new, nothing imminent.

While some --like Alex Kennedy and Marc J. Spears-- reported Monday that the Nets are aggressive, particularly in offering Brook Lopez around, there are other indications that the Nets don't want to do much unless they get a big offer.

Mike Scotto, who covers the Nets for a number of publications, tweeted early Tuesday...

As for Lopez, league sources tell NetsDaily that there's nothing imminent and despite all the reporting about the Thunder's interest in the Nets big man, the two sides hadn't talked in weeks, at least through Monday morning.

The Daily Oklahoman noted that Monday evening, adding "it’s possible those talks pick back up again."

Chris Broussard spoke about the problem the Nets face Monday night, teams believing the Nets will cave.

"To this point teams have been trying to fleece the Nets because they felt like they're desperate. The Nets have held out because they just don't want to get rid of Lopez in a salary dump. So we'll see if they change their tune come deadline, but Oklahoma City does like Lopez."

OKC is holding on to a number of prospects who the Nets could be interested in The Oklahoman lists who could be available (Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb, Perry Jones, foreign prospects Tibor Pleiss and Alex Abrines but notably not Mitch McGary or Steven Adams.

So with two days left, the Nets appear happy to wait things out and see what final offers will look like.  Of course, that could change.