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Cisco & N.B.A. team up to enhance fan experience

Barclays Center Control Room, NetsDaily
Barclays Center Control Room, NetsDaily

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- Technology continues to change the world at a blistering pace and Cisco has played a huge role in making it possible. Their latest advancements include enhancing fan experiences - from home and in-arena - when watching their favorite teams and players in the N.B.A.

Cisco's state of the art solutions helped make the 2015 N.B.A. All-Star weekend an unforgettable one for fans and players. During the weekend of events, held at Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden, Cisco implemented Wi-Fi products and networking switches courtside in effort to deliver pictures rapidly around the world to provide viewers the most versatile angles and views in real- time.

"You want be able to turn that insight that you have locally so you can do exactly what you need to do in real time," Joseph Bradley, Cisco's vice president of Global Internet of Everything Practice said. "All of the information that we're talking about is crunched locally; it's done at the edge of the network and delivered to closely to the customer."

To put it cleanly, a Barclays Center technology spokesman said how Cisco and the N.B.A. are motivated to make the fans' experience from home similar to one of another fan's live courtside experience.

We took a firsthand look at some of the impressive camera angles prepared for events such as the Rising Stars Challenge, Three-point shootout and Slam Dunk Contest hosted at the Barclays Center on February 13 and February 14, along with views from the brand new Replay Center in Secaucas, New Jersey in the headline picture.

That's all for the folks at home watching TV and/or browsing through the internet to get closer to the game, like the Barclays Center spokesman said.

The latest developments also gave fans inside the Barclays Center a real treat. Their connected Wi-Fi system enabled fans to access his or her social networks to share content around the world, no matter the location of your seat or where you stand inside of the arena.

NBA players also used Cisco's TelePresence technology to conduct live interviews with journalists in nine different countries, thus leading to more access for fans around the world.

In effort to gain feedback about fans' perspective on the newest advancements, Cisco has launched a contest searching for the N.B.A.'s "Most Connected Fan" which asks followers to share how they stay engaged with their favorite teams and players. The contest will be active through March 6 and fans can enter by writing or posting photos and videos on social media channels.

It doesn't stop here. Cisco and the N.B.A. have extensive plans to add sensors inside balls, floors and jerseys to collect different data for tracking player movements, injuries and much more. Stay tuned for an exciting present -- and future -- of technological advancements in the N.B.A. for fans all over the world.