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Are Nets, Thunder talking Brook Lopez trade?

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The trade deadline is Thursday, so expect a lot of rumors.  Here's today's daily dose.

Although Adrian Wojnarowski reports the Nets and Thunder haven't spoken in weeks,  Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders tweeted early Monday that the two teams "may" renew talks on Brook Lopez.. And in discussing OKC's interest in Lopez, Zach Lowe of Grantland suggests that the Nets "surely noticed" Mitch McGary's recent play.

The question is whether the two sides are actually talking.  Woj suggests they haven't in a while.  Kennedy thinks they "may" while Lowe thinks the Nets will need to be convinced they'll be getting value in return and Sean Deveney of Sporting News says the Nets would be satisfied without a trade.

First, here's Kennedy's tweets...

Of course, there've been multiple rumors of a Nets-Thunder deal for Lopez, either in a two-team or three-team format with the Hornets, but OKC wasn't offering anything of real value in either deal, said league sources.

Four days ago, Adrian Wojnarowski said much the same about continuing Thunder interest in Lopez, but added the two sides had not "re-engaged."  He told WFAN...

"Oklahoma City, I think they still have interest in Lopez but they have not re-engaged. That could start up again possibly, but Oklahoma City was pretty adamant on 'here's the package we want to do for him.' They didn't want to give up any more. Now, they may feel differently at the trade deadline but maybe they get the Nets involved in a three-way or maybe a four-way, a bigger deal but that stuff hasn't started to develop yet."

Among the Thunder mentioned in several reports were Kendrick Perkins and his expiring deal, which could be moved; Perry Jones III and Jeremy Lamb. Not the kind of deal the Nets would want.

Zach Lowe in a trade primer suggests that the Nets could be interested in Mitch McGary, the oft-injured but very talented 6'10" rookie.

The Nets are as active as ever, but they appear united against dealing just for the sake of dealing. If they’re going to move Lopez or Joe Johnson, they’ll want at least some token future assets and salary relief that could open up the possibility of Brooklyn becoming a free-agency player this summer and in 2016.4 The Nets surely noticed Mitch McGary’s strong play before the All-Star break, and that Steven Adams is out a few weeks with a broken hand. Lopez isn’t the cleanest fit in Oklahoma City, but it’s workable, and the Thunder are under massive pressure to win now.

The deadline is 3 p.m. ET Thursday. Plenty of time for rumors and rumors and more rumors.

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