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Lance Stephenson: Playing in Brooklyn would be a "blessing"

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Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Lance Stephenson, who's said an NBA team in Brooklyn is a dream come true and who filled his Instagram pages highlighting his Brooklyn heritage, took his campaign to join the Nets one step further over the weekend, telling Stefan Bondy that it would be a "blessing" if he landed in Brooklyn.

"It would be a blessing (to play in Brooklyn)," Stephenson said. "But right now, Charlotte, that’s what I’m doing right now."

The 24-year-old Coney Island native led the NBA last season in triple-doubles with five and played well in the Pacers playoff run, but has fell off dramatically in Charlotte, where he and coach Steve Clifford have reportedly clashed. His numbers are way down as well. He spoke of how he needs to get his "hunger" back.

"With me, it’s all mental. I feel like once I get mentally into it, coming back to get that hunger," he told Bondy at a Brooklyn street ball event sponsored by SLAM. "Cause sometimes you lose your hunger. You’ve been doing it for so long you forget all the hard work that got you here. So I’m just getting back on that, getting focused."

Despite his --and a number of fans-- desires, Stephenson is likely to remain in Charlotte after Thursday's deadline. Adrian Wojnarowski says there's no market for Stephenson. In talking with Sirius XM Saturday, Woj said the Clippers "kicked the tires" recently on him, but decided against making a bid. Woj called him mistake and turnover prone.  and argued that with the addition of Mo Williams and the return of Kemba Walker, he will play very few minutes.

Woj did not mention the Nets in his discussion of Stephenson.