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Don't let the bed 'Bogs' bite! (Video)

Once upon a time, three rookies and one sophomore in the NBA were hanging out at one of their friend's apartment suite in Brooklyn. It was NBA All Star Weekend and the four guys had some time to kill before their big nights in the Rising Stars Challenge and one in the Slam Dunk Contest.

The four;  Bojan Bogdanovic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Elfrid Payton and Marcus Smart made the slumber about as exciting as it gets. Their one mission: Don't destroy the place. Well....

First, it started with New York pizza. You can never go wrong with pizza from NY. Then, the four jumped right into a Nerf gun fight with the pizza all over the place.

So much for waiting 30 minutes after eating. Gosh. Rookies (+ one sophomore).

Their next activity was 'beatboxing' while Elfrid Payton failed miserably at completing a fluid rap line. He's no Big L or Notorious B.I.G. That's for sure. They followed up with a video game tournament in FIFA 2015, a game that Marcus Smart had to cheat in order to beat Bojan (or so we think). Not to mention, Giannis' execution on that prank call to LeBron didn't go so well. Marcus' prank call skills were a little better -- but still, the King even dethroned them through the phone.

Bojan... well, he didn't seem to understand "these American jokes" they played. No matter Bogey, we see you killin' it with those dance moves.

And finally, to cap off the exciting slumber, Marcus told a scary story about the coach being the killer. Don't mix that up with a certain somebody being a 'coach killer', Nets fans.

Hey, I'd be cool with prank calling LeBron -- or beating four NBA players in video games. As long as pizzas involved, it's certainly a successful slumber. And after all, it couldn't have been much worse than sleepovers nowadays consisting of one thing and one thing only: Cell phones. Yay!