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Billy King: Decision soon on Andray Blatche

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Billy King would not commit to signing Andray Blatche to a contract in an interview Friday but said a decision on what to do will likely come soon.

Asked by Marlon Clarke of OurBKSocial whether he had given any thought to signing Blatche, King replied, "Yeah, we’re in discussions about it. We’ve had contact with him and hopefully we’ll make a decision soon."

The Nets have an open roster spot and Blatche became an NBA free agent after his Chinese Basketball Association commitment ended on February 2. Although there was some initial buzz about Blatche and several teams --the Grizzlies and Heat, along with the Nets-- there's been little indication of any bidding war over the 6'11" center.

The Nets have a great advantage over other teams.  They control his Early Bird Rights and can pay him more than any other team if they choose.  And should they even sign him to a veterans minimum for the rest of this season, they would have his full Bird Rights this summer.

Meanwhile, Shams Charania of RealGM reports Blatche is considering re-signing in China. A league source reports the deal would be more lucrative but longer term than he's likely to get from an NBA team, requiring the 28-year-old to stay in China for several years.

Blatche averaged 31 points, 15 rebounds and five assists per game in China, where he earned $2.5 million (following a seven figure payday for playing for the Philippines in the FIBA World Cup last summer.)  He's received amnesty payments or more than $8 million this season from the Wizards, but those payments end this year.

King echoed Lionel Hollins comment that trades are unlikely. "The trade deadline is next Thursday so uh, we’ll work the phones. I doubt if we’ll do anything but we’re going to work the phones and if something makes sense we’ll do it."

King declined to comment on Mason Plumlee's seeming endorsement of Lance Stephenson this week, saying, "I can’t talk about other people’s players. Mason can but I can’t."

Meanwhile, Adrian Wojnarowski told Sirius XM Radio Saturday that the market for Stephenson has dried up, with Sirius tweeting...

  • Andray Blatche Seriously Considering Deal To Re Sign In China - Shams Charania - RealGm