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If he sells, Mikhail Prokhorov would leave an "enormous legacy" says Adam Silver

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

In an interview with Tim Bontemps, Adam Silver spoke about many things, from what he wants to do --and what he doesn't-- as he moves forward as commissioner.

Specifically, about the Nets current situation, Silver called Mikhail Prokorov a "great owner" and said if he sells, "he would be leaving an enormous legacy here in New York," citing the "spectacular" Barclays Center and his willingness to win ... at all costs.

Here's his answer to Bontemps question asking his opinion of Prokhorov as owner of the Nets.

"Yes, the league would always be open to more international owners. He’s been a great owner. I know he would have liked to have spent more time in Brooklyn, but the situation back in Russia, especially over the last year, hasn’t allowed him to travel as much as he hoped. He engaged in somewhat of a high-risk, high-reward strategy by becoming a large (luxury) taxpayer, but that’s permissible under our system. It took them into the second round of the playoffs last year, and I know his goal has been to win championships, so I’m sure he’s somewhat frustrated.

"But I know when you look at what he and Bruce Ratner have done in Brooklyn by successfully completing that building, by making the move from New Jersey, from that standpoint it’s been spectacular. As you and I know as New Yorkers, that arena is a permanent fixture of this community, and not only is there for basketball events but is practically full year round including the circus and concerts and other events, as well. So if he did decide to sell, I think he would be leaving an enormous legacy here in New York."

Earlier this week, Silver also had positive things to say about Prokhorov's representative in New York, Irina Pavlova.