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Mason Plumlee seems to endorse bringing back Andray Blatche, adding Lance Stephenson

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

OurBKSocial interviewed Mason Plumlee and spoke to him about the dunk contest, the Rising Stars Challenge and the possibility of playing with Andray Blatche (again) and Lance Stephenson.

On the dunk contest, he expressed confidence to Marlon Clarke...

"Oh I’ve thought about it a lot. I was thinking about it before (laughs), they invited me but, you know I’m excited. I think it’s a good group. I’m going to be confident in what I do. I have two dunks that I’m pretty sure of. Then you only need four to win it so ill come up with two more."

Clarke also talked to Plumlee about Blatche and Stephenson, one a free agent, the other a Brooklyn native whose name has been linked to the Nets for nearly a month and a half.

Of Blatche, he was matter-of-fact.  "I would love to have Dray Live back in the line up."

He seemed more enthused about the possibility of playing with Stephenson who he's known for a long time. Asked if he'd like to see the Nets get Stephenson, he told Clarke...

"Yes. I’ve known Lance since high school. I’ve been a fan of his since we were in high school together. I think he’s a really good player. Obviously, I know everyone wants it for the Brooklyn aspect (Lance was born in Brooklyn), but having a team mate that’s aggressive and hungry and a competitor; you’re always going to be for that."