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Preparing for a boring trade deadline and a playoff run?

Rob Carr/Getty Images

There are no rumors, at least as of 8 a.m. Thursday, a week and a few hours from the trade deadline.  Lionel Hollins says he expects to be coaching the same unit when the Nets play the Lakers the day after the deadline.  Woj says he doesn't know if they will make a deal  And if Woj doesn't know...

Increasingly, the Nets seem to getting ready to stand pat.  The offers for their "big three" (no caps) either don't exist or are underwhelming, salary dumps.  Even Kevin Garnett seems to be happy to stay. Howard Beck wrote Wednesday night that "Sources say that Brooklyn's Kevin Garnett is not seeking a buyout and is likely to finish the season with the Nets."  It won't save the team any money. In fact, this is the Nets last chance to get close to the luxury tax threshold. Right now, the bill is around $20 million.

Things can change and the Nets do have their 15th roster spot open. They have a couple of trade exceptions if they need them and there's always Andray Blatche but the lack of buzz --from anywhere-- makes one wonder if there's any interest in him.

So is all that a bad thing?  The team IS a major disappointment and individuals have been inconsistent, at best.  Can they make a 30-game turnaround and secure the eighth or even seventh playoff spot?  They're a half game out of the eighth spot now, but only a half-game behind Boston and one game ahead of 12th place Indiana, who's likely to get Paul George back next month.

Still, as Andy Vasquez writes, "There’s enough talent there to make the playoffs and, perhaps, make a little noise once they get there. That’s a whole lot better than just making a trade for the sake of stirring things up."