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So what if they stand pat? What's ahead for Brooklyn Nets?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The widely held assumption --among fans, beat writers, NBA pundits-- has been that the Nets will be active, maybe hyper active, at the trade deadline.  But Lionel Hollins suggested Tuesday night that they may stand pat, not make a move ... or at least a big move.

Asked if he thought he'd be working with the same 13-man roster (Mirza Teletovic is out and the last roster spot is open), Lionel Hollins responded, "Yes, I do,"

"Well, we’ve got 30 games left, and we’re still in the playoff hunt," Hollins explained. "We need everybody to get rested, we need everybody to get healthy, and see if we can come back and put together a run and make the playoffs."

It's the smart strategy to play hard to get this close to the deadline, now eight days away. Billy King has been hurt by the perception (reality?) that he's running a fire sale, that his owners are trying to cut costs as a prelude to selling  After all this is his and their last chance to lower salary (($90.6 million) and luxury taxes (around $20 million). And the offers he's been getting, at least according to reports, have been seen as underwhelming or would require the insertion of a good young player to get done.

League sources say the Nets did close a few times, the closest being in early January when the Hornets thought they had a deal that would have sent Lance Stephenson and Cody Zeller to Brooklyn for Brook Lopez.

So, assuming they do stand pat, perhaps adding a 15th man to compensate for the loss of Teletovic, what are their prospects for making the playoffs.  Can this team, one game out of eighth (but one and a half away from 12th) rally and make the post-season?

"I don’t know," Hollins said with a smile. "We’re going to find out."