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Fran Blinebury - Lionel Hollins in trouble

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Fran Blinebury of ranks Lionel Hollins high among coaches on the hot seat, writing, "This just isn't working and everyone knows it."  Blinebury adds, "General manager Billy King has said publicly that he's behind Hollins, but that's not the belief behind the scenes."

The article was written and published before Friday night's loss.

Here's his full take, including his belief that it would be difficult to recruit a replacement ... although that seems a bit of a stretch in a league when coaches are always looking for work.

"This just isn't working and everyone knows it."

The only thing preventing the Nets from hitting bottom in the Eastern Conference is the presence of the permanent gym mat in Philadelphia. And maybe the only thing stopping the Nets from hitting the eject button on Hollins is the question of just who would want to step into this toxic waste dump of a situation. The Nets have no young help coming from the draft because they traded away their first round picks in 2016 and 2018 to Boston in the Paul Pierce-Kevin Garnett deals, and also gave the Celtics the option to flip-flop picks in 2017. At least the desperados of the old West had the humility to wear masks when committing such robbery.

Toss in the fact that the Nets' "problem" of Deron Williams is currently thriving in Dallas and there is no reason for an ounce of joy in Brooklyn. General manager Billy King has said publicly that he's behind Hollins, but that's not the belief behind the scenes. Hollins is tough, driven and frustrated in an atmosphere where he's virtually playing for nothing. The Nets would still owe him roughly $9 million through the end of next season, but billionaire owner Mikhail Prokhorov can get that from his sofa cushions whenever he's ready to pull the plug.

Also, NetsDaily has been told that Hollins isn't owed anywhere near $9 million, that the fourth year of his $18 million contract is not guaranteed.