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Go to a Nets game at Barclays Center, but not like this

[Update: No, the Nets had nothing to do with this, and realize that it is not representative of the Barclays experience. That's so great to hear!]

The Bedford Stop

There's this "show" on the Internet called The Bedford Stop, which is about a few privileged Brooklyn transplants who have plenty of time on their hands. As a once -- or current -- self-loathing Brooklyn transplant, who has lived in New York City for 12 years, I believe I'm somehow allowed to discuss my disgust for this show, even though, really, I don't care if it exists or not. I dunno. Do you, girls.

Anyway. Why are we here?

Well, the girls from the show posted a short video about "How to go to a Nets Game," in which they enter the Barclays Center, they get drinks, do the ol' snippidy-snappidy chit-chat, talk about colors, wonder about Rick Ross and, it appears, didn't watch much of the game.

Here, watch:

To be honest, again, I don't mind that they have their little show and I'm gladly posting it on the site and happily giving them free "promotion" -- or whatever. I guess my question is, how does Barclays Center allow themselves to get involved in such a production?

I'm asking, not for a friend, but as an editor for a site about the Brooklyn Nets. What's to gain?  Well, here's the answer: they didn't, says a spokesman for the team and arena.

NetsDaily is lucky enough to be able to film content at the Barclays Center -- check us out on YouTube! -- but we provide value. Right?

What does a video like this do for them? Are 20-something-year-old girls in Brooklyn now more inclined to go to the Barclays Center because of this video?

Luckily, Mandy Gutmann, who is the Communications Director for the Barclays Center and Brooklyn Nets points out, no, they didn't have anything to do with this.

That is refreshing to hear.

Also, ladies, there was no secret Rick Ross show. If you had attended other games this season you would have seen the advertisement on the jumbotron for Rick Ross' performance at the Billboard Theater. It wasn't a secret. I knew about it. And, no, I wasn't invited. BUT, I knew about it. And no one tells me about anything cool.

Friends, don't go to a Nets game this way. Go to a Nets game -- the Barclays Center is awesome, seriously, the Nets have won 4 straight at home, and the food is probably the best in the NBA -- but don't go "this way." This way is stupid.