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Critic finds Barclays Center too dark, too cold

ShoP Architects

The article seems to be more about a rudderless boring teant than the arena itself but Stadium Journey Magazine's review of Barclays Center is mostly a thumbs down.

"he Brooklyn Nets are off to a terrible start and their stadium experience, mediocre at best, isn’t doing them many favors. That the stadium itself resembles a rusty spaceship and is a terrible eyesore adds to this problem."

So much for the arena named "Sports Facility of the Year" in 2013, along with other architecture accolades.

Stadium Journey's David Hanson ranks arenas and stadiums (stadia?) with a five-star system.  Barclays does get five stars for "food and beverage;" but nothing else. It gets four stars (and a lot of praise) for its subway access and neighborhood, but a measly two stars for its fans ("bored-looking corporate types looking at their phones for most of the game") and return on investment ("There is nobody on the current 2015-2016 Nets roster that you'd one day tell your grandkid that you saw.")  Yikes.

The biggest complaint in the review is that the upper bowl is too dark and in fact the article is titled, "Basketball in the Dark."  The Nets paid dearly for the "studio" look.  SHoP, the arena architects, persuaded Bruce Ratner that every seat in the 17,732 capacity building be black, not color-coded, and legend has it that once Dmitry Razumov, saw how great Staples Center looked with all the light focused on the court, he wanted it for Barclays --- at a cost of several million dollars.

Hanson says that's cool if the team you're watching has won 16 NBA championships...

"They've earned leaving the fans in the dark so they can focus on the game. In Brooklyn," he writes of the Lake Show. "it just seems like yet another example of the franchise trying too hard, plus it makes for a less sociable atmosphere. New York winters are long, cold and dark enough, we don't need darkness at our NBA games too."

The magazine also refers to Mr. Whammy as "an incredibly old man."  Hello AARP.

So, bottom line, the magazine recommends fans bring a flashlight and wear long sleeves because of the cold.  At least, he didn't go after the "Brook-lyn" chant.