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Kristaps Porzingis: "Our fans are better than Brooklyn's fans"

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Kristaps Porzingis has been nothing short of brilliant during the early stages of his rookie career.

He's averaging close to a double-double per game and has become an instant fan favorite. Friday's game was initially hyped up for the battle between the Lopez brothers, Brook and Robin, but Kristaps has taken over New York headlines with his thunderous play -- and now, his smack talk.

Porzingis, who was heavily booed by Knicks fans when drafted, started the smack talk by going at Nets fans.

The Latvian big man is clearly anticipating Friday night's Knicks-Nets rivalry game at Madison Square Garden where the game, luckily for Comcast subscribers, will be televised on ESPN. It's the Nets only nationally televised game this season.

Then, he essentially said the 5-13 [Brooklyn] Nets are less relevant than the [New Jersey] Nets. Ouch.

Meanwhile, according to Mike Mazzeo, Jarrett Jack told reporters that beating the Knicks would be extra nice so he can quiet their fans:

"I was doing some Christmas shopping yesterday, and the guy that was helping me was like, 'Thanks for your business, but tomorrow you know it's on.' I'm like, 'Give me my (darn) receipt so I can get the (heck) out of here. I'm trying to get this (stuff) gift-wrapped. I don't have time for this.'"

It's all fun and games with the banter off the court, but what happens on the court is a totally different story. But maybe we should remind the Knicks rookie it was only two seasons ago when 'Brooooklyn' chants rained down from the MSG rafters as the playoff-contending Nets beat up on the lowly Knickerbockers.

Until tomorrow, Kristaps.