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Tim Bontemps: Brett Yormark would offer John Calipari "everything under the sun"

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Call it another turn in the growing storyline that John Calipari could return to the Nets after a 15-year hiatus.  In his fan chat, Tim Bontemps, now of the Washington, not New York, Post, writes that if Brett Yormark has anything to do with choosing a coach or GM (positions that are currently filled), he will push hard for the 56-year-old Kentucky coach.

Q: John Calipari

I know this is difficult to accurately project, but for fun please take an educated guess on the likelihood that John Calipari is coaching the Nets next year.

If Brett Yormark is in charge of decision making, Calipari will undoubtedly be offered everything under the sun to become basketball czar of the Nets. I've heard conflicting opinions on whether he'd take it, but that will undoubtedly be the first call if Yormark gets his way.

Of course, this is all premature, at best.  Billy King and Lionel Hollins are the GM and head coach. And presumably any decision would be made in Moscow. But Bontemps comment is not the first mention of the possibility.  Mike Mazzeo wrote last week of the two men's friendship, which began when they first worked for the Nets back in the late 1990's.

"I mean, when I look at him I think he’s dynamic, obviously, and smart," Yormark said of Calipari. "He relates to kids and people of different ages and backgrounds. He’s flexible, but he also knows what he wants. He’s got great conviction. And wherever he’s been, he’s had a system, and you either sign up for that system or you don’t.

"I guess you can say in some respects I run my business the same way."