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Mr. Whammy gets grief from referee, but resists

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It happens every once in a while.  An NBA referee tries to restrain Bruce Reznick, aka Mr. Whammy.  But the 78-year-old Brooklyn lawyer turned super fan resisted.

On Saturday, perched as he always is behind the opponents backboard, Mr. Whammy had his hex routine interrupted by veteran ref, Zach Zarba, himself Brooklyn born.  Too close, said Zarba.  Then it got interesting as the Daily News reported...

As he tried to distract Ramon Sessions from shooting his free throws, the referees indicated Mr. Whammy was in the sightline of the shooter and security attempted to move him back closer to his seat.

Fans began to rain boos down on security as they noticed Mr. Whammy was being restrained, but Mr. Whammy was relentless, keeping his focus on taunting Sessions as he was physcially abarred by three men from moving behind.

Mr. Whammy successfully hexed Sessions on his first free throw but security was too much for it to work on the second.

Even Mrs. Whammy got involved... as Andy Vasquez tweeted.

By game's end, Vasquez reports the Whammy's were back in their seats but deflated.

We've all been there.

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