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Paul McCartney FINALLY caught himself a free Brooklyn Nets shirt

The Brooklyn Nets

Paul McCartney is said to be worth somewhere near $700 million, which seems a little low for me. What's his net worth? I don't know, but as they most famous -- and technically "only" living... -- member of The Beatles (Sorry, Ringo, but, you get it, right?), he may be worth closer to $1 billion. But, that's not why we're here.

McCartney has attended a few Brooklyn Nets games over the years, and most famously was upset when two seasons ago he did not catch a free t-shirt thrown his way by one of the Brooklynettes.

For reference, watch:

Poor guy.

Well, his luck finally changed on Sunday afternoon as he finally caught himself a free Nets t-shirt, and boy was he psyched about it.


paul mccartney Nets


Nicely done, Sir. Finally, you have a cool story to share with your grandchildren one day.

(Photo via the Brooklyn Nets)