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Bill Simmons gives up on Brooklyn Nets!

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

When the Nets season was careening out of control in early November, none were happier than Boston fanboy and (one time) media czar Bill Simmons. Bill filled the Twittersphere with joyous suggestions of where Ben Simmons (no relation) should reside once he was selected with that Nets pick.  That Nets pick ... OHMIGOD! ... he seemed to say. over and over and over.

Now, Simmons thinks it's time to reconsider, time to dump that pick on another team in a trade for a star, or as they say in Boston, a stah.

There are better indicators of the Nets successful self-extrication from the bowels of the NBA --four straight home wins is one-- and it ain't over yet, but we will take this one.