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Lionel Hollins takes the blame ... for the "miscommunication"

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The fallout from Wednesday night's "miscommunication" --what some might call confusion-- continues.

Lionel Hollis took the blame, perhaps the first time that the head coach has taken responsibility for any of the team's miscues during his 45-62 tenure in Brooklyn.

"As I told (the players), I take the blame. I must’ve gotten distracted, because I was looking and I don’t know if I thought somebody got fouled — whatever — but I was looking up at the court, and when I look back, Bogie (Bojan Bogdanovic) was over there (guarding Dwyane Wade) and he was looking at me and I’m yelling ‘Foul!’ But then Paul (Westphal) says, ‘It’s too late now,’ and I looked up at the clock and I said, ‘You’re right, no fouls.’ So we played it out, and we got the ball back with 11 seconds to go. But in that situation, you score and you play. You don’t score, you’ve got to foul again and we can extend the game. It’s not like it was the play that lost us the game. Our problem was trying to stop Dwyane Wade down the stretch, and we weren’t able to do that."

No one is suggesting the miscue would have led to a Nets victory. It would have taken some good fortune, not something the Nets have had. But it wasn't the first time the Nets coaching staff and roster have been at odds in critical situations. And as John Schuhmann of tweeted, Hollins initial reaction fell into another category...

Meanwhile, the Nets list of walking wounded grows.  In addition to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Chris McCullough, the two long term inactives, Sergey Karasev (ankle) and Shane Larkin (concussion) are both out vs. Indiana while Wayne Ellington (shoulder) and Thomas Robinson (illness) are questionable.